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Hello, my name is Ben. I am here to talk to you about raising and training cats. Yes, you read that right. Cats can be trained to perform tricks just like dogs do. You just need to use positive reinforcement and plenty of praise or treats to cajole them into performing the movements you desire. My site will cover daily care of cats, including nail trim tips and feeding schedule options, and how you can train your cat in certain ways. I invite you to use the information on my site to provide your cats with excellent care throughout their long lives.

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Is Your Dog Nuts For Peanut Butter Dog Chewable Treats? FAQs About These Canine Cookies

Why do dogs love peanut butter? Your pup goes nuts over a peanut butter dog chewable—and you're not sure why. You're also not sure about how this type of treat affects your dog's delicate system, whether it's healthy, or which peanut butter dog cookie is the best one to buy. If you have peanut butter chewy questions, take a look at what you need to know about these tasty treats.

Do All Dogs Love Peanut Butter?

While peanut butter is a popular pick for many dogs, each pup has its own individual taste preferences. Think of the foods you like best. Are they exactly the same as your best friend's favorites? It's possible that, like humans, some dogs prefer different types of foods. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dogs have nearly 1,700 taste buds (compared to the 9,000 humans have). Even though your dog doesn't have the same number of taste buds you have, it's likely that they can identify the same types of flavors. The AKC notes that research shows dogs can taste and identify sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. 

Why Does Your Dog Enjoy Peanut Butter?

Is your dog one of the many pups that enjoy the taste of peanut butter? To understand the reason behind this preference, think about what is in peanut butter and what tastes a dog can identify. 

Peanut butter is obviously made from nuts. But that's not all. Many of these nut butters contain higher amounts of sugar and salt. These are two flavors a dog's taste buds can easily identify. Not only can your pup pick out sweetness and saltiness in peanut butter, but it's also likely that they enjoy these top tastes. 

Along with the sweet salty taste, peanut butter is also high in protein and fat. This creates an enticing aroma that your pup can smell. The scent of peanut-packed treats may call your dog to these sweet and salty goodies. 

Is Peanut Butter Healthy for Dogs?

On its own, peanut butter is a protein and nutrient-filled food that is healthy for most dogs and humans. But some butters and peanut-based treats have added ingredients that aren't healthy. This makes it important to know what is in the treats you give your pet. Before you buy peanut butter dog cookies, treats, or other food products, read the full ingredient list. Treats with extra colors, sugar, salt, or synthetic (manmade) ingredients won't have the same nutrition or health level as those without additives.