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Hello, my name is Ben. I am here to talk to you about raising and training cats. Yes, you read that right. Cats can be trained to perform tricks just like dogs do. You just need to use positive reinforcement and plenty of praise or treats to cajole them into performing the movements you desire. My site will cover daily care of cats, including nail trim tips and feeding schedule options, and how you can train your cat in certain ways. I invite you to use the information on my site to provide your cats with excellent care throughout their long lives.

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Getting Your Cat Ready For A Long Kennel Stay? 3 Ways To Make Them Feel Secure

Bringing a cat to a boarding kennel may be a necessity due to an upcoming trip, but you may be curious about what you can do to make your cat more comfortable while you're away. If you're concerned that your cat may be unhappy while you're gone, taking your time to get familiar with what can be done before you leave can make all the difference in your cat's experience and their enjoyment while you're gone.

Bring Along Favorite Toys and a Bed

Bringing items that smell like home to the kennel can make a big difference in how comfortable your cat is while you're gone. A great example of something to bring for your cat is toys and a cat bed that smells like home.

Having a familiar scent with your cat can help them feel more at ease, along with having some toys and a bed that they enjoy using at home. Not all boarding kennels allow guests to bring their own items, so it is important that you inquire about whether or not this is allowed before making a decision.

Insist That Your Cat Eat Their Regular Food

Cats can be very particular about their food, making it a good idea to choose a kennel that allows you to bring your cat's favorite foods for their stay. Bringing in an approved container for your cat's food, and including instructions on how much food your cat should be eating, will make a big difference in how easy it is for the kennel attendant to feed your cat their favorite food.

By bringing along your cat's favorite food, you won't need to add another new stress to them and it can make a big difference in how comfortable your cat feels while you're away. Bringing their regular food can also reduce the chance of your cat getting sick while you're gone.

Choose the Largest Size Kennel Possible

Visiting a boarding kennel in person can make a big difference in getting an understanding of how roomy the kennels are and what would be the best fit for your cat. Depending on the length of the trip you're going on, it makes sense to choose a kennel that provides plenty of room for your cat.

This can also depend heavily on just how much energy your cat has since some cats prefer to sleep all day rather than run around. In most cases, it makes sense to choose a kennel that provides plenty of room since it'll provide more space for you to set up your cat's belongings and ensure that they have room to roam.

Contact companies like Animal Care Center of Forest Park for more information. Taking your time with choosing a kennel for your cat can make all the difference in how much they'll enjoy their stay.