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Hello, my name is Ben. I am here to talk to you about raising and training cats. Yes, you read that right. Cats can be trained to perform tricks just like dogs do. You just need to use positive reinforcement and plenty of praise or treats to cajole them into performing the movements you desire. My site will cover daily care of cats, including nail trim tips and feeding schedule options, and how you can train your cat in certain ways. I invite you to use the information on my site to provide your cats with excellent care throughout their long lives.

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Three Simple Tips For Adjusting To Life With Your New Parakeet

A parakeet can be an excellent pet to add to your home. However, it is a reality that many people have little to no experience owning these birds, and this can cause people to make some routine errors when it comes to adjusting to life with a parakeet. To help you avoid these problems, you should be mindful of the following few tips when it comes to your bird.

Enroll In Obedience Classes

Parakeets are remarkably intelligent and strong-willed animals. As a result, it is important to understand the steps for establishing a healthy relationship with your bird. To this end, obedience training can be an excellent investment to make. In these classes, you will receive help in teaching your bird basic commands and learning how to assert authority over the bird. When you take these classes, you and your bird will receive personalized instruction from the teacher, and you will be given home exercises to do with your bird.

Create A Stable Routine

Regularly spending time with your bird is essential for forming a close bond and keeping it entertained. However, your bird will come to expect spending time with you out of its cage, and if you go through periods of neglecting to spend your normal amount of time with it, the bird may start to misbehave to get your attention. For these reasons, you should make it a point to set a strict schedule for when you let the bird out each day. By providing this type of structure, your parakeet may develop a better sense of security and trust with you.

Provide Fresh Sources Of Stimulation

Parakeets are highly intelligent, and this makes it essential for you to provide constant sources of entertainment. A particularly effective source of entertainment can be giving the bird treats that are in puzzles. These toys can keep the parakeet distracted for hours while it tries to solve the puzzle. However, you will need to regularly replace these puzzles as the parakeet will eventually be able to solve them too easily.

Your parakeet can be a loyal companion, but it will have a number of needs that you will need to meet. By understanding the importance of enrolling the bird into obedience classes, creating a stable daily routine, and providing fresh sources of stimulation, you will be able to help ensure that your bird has a smooth transition to your home, which may help you find owning this type of pet more rewarding.

For more information or to buy a parakeet, talk with bird breeders in your area, such as those at Feathered Wings Aviary.